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Side dishes: meat plus ___?

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  • Side dishes: meat plus ___?

    Steak and salad, fish and salad, eggs on salad. It makes me think "spam spam spam spam spam" .... You get the idea.

    I try to jazz it up a bit with steamed/raw veggies (broccoli, etc.). But I need good counterparts to steak and fish mainly -- what are good side dishes others have tried. Bonus points if they are easy.

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    Sweet Potato fries

    Baked sweet potato and garlic butter

    Garlic roasted mashed sweet potato

    Yam noodles and alfredo sauce (ez to make)


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      Kale! Or other dark greens. Fry in duck (or other animal) fat. It is THE BEST. And takes about three minutes.

      If not these, then try roasting cauliflower in the oven with some balsamic vinegar. I learned this from my roommate and it really is tasty.

      If not cauliflower (and you're completely bored of the normal veg choices), try heading to your local farmer's market and grabbing something really weird. I remember about a year ago, I grabbed this big radish thing - it turned out to be a watermelon radish. Watermelon radishes are winter crops, I think. Try them - not as spicy as normal radishes and so pretty to look at.


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        Fried cabbage gets made at least once a week around my house
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          I forgot about cabbage! A noble vegetable. Delicious when fried with caraway or cumin.


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            Great suggestions. I have made cabbage fried in duck fat before, and it is delicious. I need to use cauliflower more. I also found a good recipe for carrot salad.


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              Brussels sprouts stir-fried in bacon grease with garlic.

              Cauliflower rice or garlic mashed cauliflower.

              Mashed carrots.

              Roasted veg: peppers, mushrooms, carrots, green beans, celery, any squash/root veg, cut into chunks, tossed with olive oil and spices, roasted in hot oven until desired done-ness. Vary the kind of veg and the kind of spices to make it different. Roast combinations of "complimentary" veg: green beans with carrots. Squash with broccoli. Use your imagination...


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                roasted broccoli
                roasted cauliflower (i need to try that balsamic one mentioned above)
                roasted brussels sprouts

                roasting with a good oil and your favorite spices can turn any vegetable into an unbelievable side for meat, fowl, fish, etc.


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                  I like pureed veggies. Easy to do with a food processor. Cooked and drained spinach/cauliflower/turnips/squash + a little cream + butter. Use the cream to adjust how dense you want it.

                  Fast home fries. Cut potato into chunks. If you don't use organic potatoes, it's a good idea to peel them prior to cutting them up. Boil in well-salted water until fork tender. Drain in colander. Heat oil or bacon grease in pan. When hot, add potatoes. Season with black pepper, cayenne pepper, chili powder (some people use paprika). Let sit until bottoms of cubes are crisp. Turn and let other side crisp.

                  Saute spinach, tomatoes, and garlic in oil (this is one time I prefer olive oil over avocado oil). S&P to taste. Optional: top with Parmesan.

                  If you eat rice. Chop mushrooms, peppers, and onions. Prepare rice. Scramble eggs (no milk or water necessary) with a fork. Saute veggies in oil. Add cooked rice and stir until everything is coated with the oil. Add the eggs and stir some more to get the eggs into small pieces within the rice and veggies. S&P to taste (or use soy sauce if you use it). This one is a good make-ahead. Make more than you need, then freeze in single serving portions.

                  Sliced avocado either with Balsamic or just salted. This one is a twofer - a veggie and good fat.

                  Fruit or Fruit + a green or tomatoes. Cold or chopped and sauteed in oil.
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                    Steamed broccoli, roasted vegetables, the occasional potato, sauteed vegetables, sauteed onions and mushrooms to go on the steak.

                    Brussels sprouts stir-fried in bacon grease with garlic.
                    And I'm totally trying this one. That looks delicious.
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                      Portabello mushrooms, or bell peppers, stuffed with whatever you like.



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                        I often eat:

                        Baked fish on spinach
                        Beef tossed with zucchini, onions, oregano and tomato sauce
                        Beef burgers with sweet potato fries
                        Beef with garlic sauce over cooked and shredded cauliflower (like rice)
                        Shredded fish with carrot and fennel
                        I do lamb curry but beef curry would also work
                        Raw beef sliced very thin with ruccola lettuce, parmegian cheese and balsamic vinegar.
                        Ceviche (fish) with added sprouts, greens
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                          Sea veg - samphire, sea spinach, purslane ... all perfect with a fine piece of steak.

                          "... needs more fish!"


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                            Saw a lovely looking recipe (will be trying this myself) for swede - peel and thinly slice about half a swede, and layer in a dish with some anchovies, then mix some cream and grated cheese (parmesan or aged cheddar) and pour over the top. Cover tightly and cook in a slow oven until the swede is tender, then grill/broil until the top browns. Would make a nice change to potatoes dauphinoise, and sounds delicious!