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Housekeepers Cut Ideas?

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  • Housekeepers Cut Ideas?

    Not my favourite cut of beef by any stretch.
    Has anyone any recipes for a housekeepers cut that will keep it moist and not tuff?

    I am thinking along the lines of this:

    1 tablesp. oil
    2 kg joint of beef
    4 small whole onions or shallots, peeled
    Selection of chopped vegetables
    2 heads of garlic
    Bunch of fresh herbs
    250 ml liquid i.e. stock, water,
    Salt and pepper

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    From what I could find, the Housekeeper's cut is from the shoulder, so I would think it would do best with low and slow braising. The key to fall apart tender pot roast is to cook it low and slow. If the temperature gets too high, the proteins in the meat will contract too much and expel moisture, becoming tough and dry. Also, if you don't cook it long enough, the collagen will never break down so it will still be chewy. Try cooking it at around 180 F (bare simmer) for 1.5 - 3 hours.

    Kenji explains the principles well in this post about chili: The Food Lab: Real Texas Chili Con Carne | Serious Eats


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      Thank's - Yep it's a shoulder sorry.


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        Originally posted by sureman View Post
        Thank's - Yep it's a shoulder sorry.
        No worries. I think it's interesting that different places have different names for cuts of meat. Sometimes there are equivalent cuts and sometimes they are unique. I found a post about the Housekeeper's cut that looked like an eye of round, but maybe the pic was misleading. If it's from the shoulder, I would assume it has more fat and connective tissue than an eye of round roast.