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Commercial Lard vs Roasting Lard...

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  • Commercial Lard vs Roasting Lard...

    No contest.

    Seriously, the commerical stuff is OK as an emergency back-up, but I'd far rather use coconut oil or butter.

    However, when it comes to the lovely fat that drips off my roasts... *drool* I could eat that stuff with a spoon! And it's definitely not the seasoning, as last-time I just roasted the pork plain and it was STILL fab. You get this lovely layer of pork-jelly and bits of meat in the bottom, too, which really adds flavour to fried eggs. I make a point of getting REALLY fatty joints and roasting them until the crackling is nice and chewy-crunchy. Then I get about a cupful (250ml) of "juice" from the pan, most of which solidifies into fat.

    Been using it almost exclusively for the past week. Couldn't be happier.
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    I love to do that too. Also,my local organic free range pig farm GIVES me fat which I render down to lard in my slow cooker. Not as delicious as the lard that comes off a big fatty joint, but still excellent! (Roast potatoes - yum!)