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  • pork neck bone broth

    Hi, I'm new to the forum as well as the primal diet

    I often make chicken stock and almost always have some on hand in the freezer. I got my hands on a bunch of pork neck bones and was thinking about using them to make a 24 hour broth. I've read mixed reviews about using pork for long-simmering broths .... I'm not sure why, though. Any suggestions?

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    i really love long simmered pork broth. mine always sets like super solid jelly and i can drink it neat. i usually cant do that with the other types of broth. i make mine with just bones, water and a glug of ACV. cover the pot and simmer it really really really low for 24 hrs.


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      Thanks, I know what I'm doing this weekend!


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        I LOVE pork stock! If you can get your hands on some pigs feet (no pun intended!) they make marvellous stock too. And pork stock makes the most WONDERFUL watercress soup.....