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Best primal options at a Chinese/ Japanese restaurant?

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  • Best primal options at a Chinese/ Japanese restaurant?

    Since going primal I managed to navigate a Mexican menu pretty well -- I got a huge salad with avocados and grilled shrimp, and stayed away from all chips and tortillas. It was easily the healthiest thing I have ever ordered at a Mexican place, and I wasn't disgustingly full afterward. So tomorrow I'm going to restaurant that has both Chinese and Japanese food. Before PB I'd be all over the fried rice, lo mein, egg rolls etc on the Chinese menu, but I am thinking that the Japanese side of the menu has more potential. I am not knowledgeable about sushi and I don't like the idea of eating fish eggs, so when I do get it I tend to stick to lame American stuff like California rolls (obviously with some white rice involved). Feel free to roll eyes...

    What do you primal beasts get at Japanese restaurants?

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    i order the nigiri (the sushi with the raw fish on top), ditch the rice in a plastic bag in my lap (my dogs love the rice...) and primal away!!!
    The ONLY thing i cannot resist that includes rice is the salmon skin hand roll. i can down a coupla those!


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      if you're avoiding rice, sashimi is the way to go...that's just the raw fish. if you've had it before, it can be a little strange the first time, but then it will be the only thing you want at a japanese restaurant. if you're ok with rice, sushi/nigiri should be fine.

      also, don't forget to order some seaweed salad for more of those ocean minerals. i usually get some miso soup too, but it has tofu in it...once in a while is fine.

      what restaurant are you going to?


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        At chinese I'll usually get the spare ribs appetizer combined with a side dish vegetable as a meal.


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          If you're at all gluten sensitive, avoid California rolls and anything with "crab", the imitation crab stick is made with wheat. I'm not seriously sensitive but I do get sick from imitation crab. Soy sauce has wheat too, but I don't seem to be as sensitive to it, I use wheat-free (or coconut aminos) at home though. If you don't like fish eggs (masago) you can usually request sesame seeds instead, that's what I prefer.

          My typical meal at a Japanese place is seaweed salad or sushi (nigiri or a roll w/out krab) shared as an appetizer, miso soup and salad with ginger dressing, and hibachi steak with extra vegetables.


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            For Chinese do the Mongolian BBQ and assemble your own ingredients


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              I assume that the Japanese place has hibachi? I always get mushroom soup, salad with ginger dressing, some combo of meats and grilled veggies, and extra veg instead of rice. They usually cook in seed oil though, which is hard to avoid. Also, that white yum yum sauce is totally irresistible and I have no idea what it's made of. Nor do I care.


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                I eat the sushi. White rice is neutral. I just avoid carbs the rest of the day.
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                  yeah, that white yum yum sauce is totally irresistible and I have no idea what it's made of. Nor do I care.