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    I used to eat a lot of pizza before going primal. The other day I had this idea for a primal pizza, so I made it last night, and the result...Amazing!!!!

    thin sliced potato deep fried in lard until they are just crispy
    while they are cooking heat up a cast iron frying pan with some ghee, or other fat to a low heat
    line the pan with the potatoes and add enough scrambled eggs to cover the whole pan let it cook on low until the eggs are mostly set.

    Tomato sauce followed by your usual pizza toppings. With a good bit of cheese on top
    I did ground beef fried with onion, and mixed in the tomato sauce, and some left over bacon chopped up. Kind of a bacon cheese burger pizza

    Bake at 350 until the cheese is melted, then broil until it is slightly browned. Let it sit for 5 min then try to not eat the whole thing lol, it is that good!!! Unfortunately you have to eat it with a fork, and knife, with your hands just doesn't work.

    I will try to attach a pic of the finished pizza to this thread so that you can see how good it looks.

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    Wow, that sounds pretty awesome. How thin were the potatoes that you sliced?
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      I make this thin-base pizza once a week as a treat - absolutely lovely.

      Crust made of 100g grated mozzarella, 1tbsp cocnut flour, 1tbsp flax seed, one egg and 1/8 teaspoon of baking soda (sometimes add some mixed herbs in too).

      Mix ingredients, and press into an 8" buttered silicon mould and put in the oven (preheated to @ 450) for 15 mins. Take out, put your topping on and then put back in the oven for about 5 mins (or until toppings cooked). I usually use some tomato paste for the base as tomato sauce usually makes the base a little soggy.

      This is where I go the recipe:

      Coconut Flour Pizza Crust | This Chick Cooks



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        Quite thin. I was able to do almost two layers on a 12" cast iron skillet with just two small potatoes. I also cut them lengthwise to get larger pieces. I just set my mandolin quite thin, so I would say about 1/8" to 1/16" give or take a bit. I was originally going to just brown the potatoes in ghee in the pan, but my wife turned on the deep fryer to get the basket out and change the lard. I decided to deep fry instead, but should work either way. Once change I will make next time is adding some salt and pepper to the eggs.


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          Hmmm, my earlier reply went into moderation and has now vanished - strange as I was only listing ingredients for my pizza!

          Here it is again if you're interested:

          Pizza Base
          100g grated mozzarella cheese
          1tbsp coconut flour
          1tbsp flax seed
          1/8 tsp baking soda
          1 egg
          1tbsp mixed herbs (optional)

          Tomato paste
          Dried chilli flakes

          Blitz it all the dry ingredients together in the blender and then put in a bowl - add the egg and mix well so it goes into a sort of dough.

          Have the oven preheated to @ 400 - 450 and grease an 8" silicon mould with butter.

          Pat the 'dough' into the mould so its nice and even, pushing into the edges.

          Pop in fridge for a few minutes.

          Next, put it into the oven for 15 minutes, checking after 7 mins to make sure one side isn't cooking faster than the other (that's what happens in our fan oven).

          When 15 minutes is up, take it out (the base should be nice and brown and be quite firm if you prod it) and put your topping on it. I normally use tomato paste as anything runnier will make the base go a little soggy. Load up with your toppings (prosciutto is really nice) and then pop in the oven for about 5 minutes (depending on how you like it cooked).

          Gently ease it out of the mould using a turner and enjoy!


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            yeah,my earlier reply went into moderation and has now vanished - strange as I was only listing ingredients for my pizza!