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Primal Meatballs - Thoughts / Pictures / Impressions

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  • Primal Meatballs - Thoughts / Pictures / Impressions

    Hello everyone!

    Here i am - posting my first Primal dish feedback - totally amazing!
    I chose the Primal Meatballs to begin with - Italian Sausage Meatballs with Fresh Herbs | Mark's Daily Apple

    I never thought almond meal is able to replace grain in such an impressive manner!

    Used roasted almonds this time - will also try the recipe with the "raw-er" almonds the next time i plan to make it!

    LINK to my Evernote Food sharing

    Thanks a lot for reading / watching and really - try this dish out, it's amazing and tastes wonderful
    "...Primal or not primal - that is the question!"

    Starting weight 85kg, 22% bodyfat (December 2012)
    Current weight 78kg, 15% bodyfat (March 2013)
    Desired weight 83-84kg , 7-8% bodyfat (May 2014 or sooner)