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Help! Using up 1kg grapes

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  • Help! Using up 1kg grapes

    So my MIL brought round a huge bowl of green grapes, from her garden, wonderful and organic. I don't want to gorge myself on all that sugar at once. Anyone got some good ways to store or cook these for use at a later date? All I can find are jam recipes that call for heaps of sugar.


    NB: I don't have a juicer.
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    Try making a jam by boiling them with a bit of honey and herbs and some natural beef gelatin.

    -Place the grapes in a pot, fill with enough water to stop them sticking.
    -Boil them, stir continually. Keep a glass on hand so you can just pour a bit more water in if it runs low.
    -When they're breaking down and sticky, add a teaspoonful to four teaspoonfuls of honey and any herbs you want to use (rosemary or mint would be nice, in my opinion).
    -Continue stirring until the smells are mixed.
    -Add some natural beef gelatine. You'll probably need 1 teaspoonful of powdered gelatin per 200/250g of fruit. So try with 4 teaspoonfuls. If it doesn't set well, you can always boil it up and ADD gelatin, but you can't remove it from the mix, so it's better to use too little than too much!
    -Stir everyithing in until it's a sticky mix.
    -Pour into jars and cover them with a cloth. Leave them on the side until cool.
    -Place in fridge to set faster. Once set, screw the lid on your jar.
    -Tadaa! Grape jam.
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      If you like frozen grapes you could just keep them in the freezer indefinitely for snacking. Or throw a handful into a smoothie.

      I've also seen recipes for meat and roasted grapes (for example, Ina Garten of Barefoot Contessa has a recipe for sausage and grapes; red, not white, but I bet it would still taste good).


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        Not trying to be funny or weird, but why not eat a bunch of it? What would Grok do?
        When I get nice, fresh, in season grapes, I'd set it on the counter and eat the whole thing in the course of the day.
        That, assuming you don't have T2 diabetes, or something.


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          Don't stress over it. Just eat a few now and then. If you make jam what would you put it on?
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            I adore frozen grapes. They are as good as iced cream to me....on hot summer day they are even better than iced cream!!
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