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Red Palm Oil- Need a starter recipe

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    I researched the sustainability topic. Bottom line: It is a food source that CAN be sustainable. Buy a good West African oil from a reputable source. Otherwise, yes, some problems have occurred. But, considering that palm oil is apparently THE major oil source for the world, it's no wonder there might have been some habitat disruption. I imagine ANY food grown in huge quantity is in danger of upsetting the natural balance.
    I do think we can support the good companies though. I'm real happy with some West African RPO I got on Amazon
    Oh, but I agree with you, jammies- I don't much like the taste either. I'm posting on this page again, about how I cook with it under those circumstances


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      Recipes. If you're not a huge fan of the flavor, consider these options:
      >Whatever the recipe, add other bright colors, since the RPO will color it anyway. Makes it seem like it's supposed to be that color.
      >Strong flavors help take the edge off the weird flavor. Lots of garlic and onion, plus whatever herbs. Curry or cumin on occasion, or turmeric.
      >Paprika or tomatoes will also color it, "disguising" it (at least for the mind, if not totally to the palate).
      >Go "Moraccan", using green olives and chopped up raisins (plus turmeric, garlic, tomato). Add whatever veggies, whatever meat. I love it that way, even if I said I don't love RPO...
      Those of us who are a bit squeamish can still use this stuff, under the right conditions, and actually enjoy the meal. But my husband says, "Just don't add it to sweets." I must concur. I tried making an RPO/Cacoa Powder/Palm Sugar confection... I can only eat it when I'm starving!


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        Betorq, are you referring to refined palm oil, or unrefined red palm oil?