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    I found a pork shoulder on sale yesterday. I bought it, hurried home, seasoned it and popped it in the oven for 4 hrs. When it came out of the oven it was falling apart tender! I'm going to crisp it up in my wok, add some lime, avocado and cilantro and make 'lettuce tacos' as suggested by others earlier in this thread for tonight's dinner!

    Thanks everyone for the great ideas!!!
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      Originally posted by alexpanait View Post
      New here, hello everyone!

      What would be the macro-nutrient breakdown for such a dish? Any brainstorming thoughts?
      (with the given ingredients quantities express in the recipe )
      I imagine that it's mostly protein with a variable amount of fat depending on how fatty your particular pork piece is. At the store where I got mine some cuts were clearly more fatty than others. A good meal !

      Chunk of pork was on sale where I live so I got a good-sized piece for less than $3. I like to use my crockpot because I can just leave things in there on low and the time to take it out is flexible. In my crockpot I made a bed of chopped celery (would have used onions but have a friend allergic to them visiting), and deglazed my cast iron pan that had cooked sausage in and added that in as liquid/fat. Using Mark's seasonings as a guideline I added 1.5 t salt, 1 t cumin, but no cinnamon or bay (don't have them) and added 1 t paprika, and about 1/4c of pureed roasted green chile (which added a lot of heat to it), mixed all the seasonings and coated the pork with it, lay pork on top of the bed of celery, and cooked at high and low (varying) for several hours; per the recipe he recommends to add 1/2 cup water to a crockpot but I found that the meat itself released a lot of liquid while cooking so I don't think any additional liquid is necessary. I didn't broil it, so I guess this is really more just carnitas-inspired pork stew... then deboned and ate with cold sour cream on top to temper the heat of the chiles, was very good.

      By the way if you live in an area with a truly mexican restaurant, you should be able to get alternate meat types there, for instance my local taco shack offers lengua (tongue) tacos, as well as genuine carnitas, really good with just fresh onion and cilantro on them.
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        Yeah, this recipe is like having a secret of the universe unlocked...I've made it twice since I saw Mark's post, and can't get over how good it is! Slice up some avocado, tear up a bunch of greens, and have some butternut squash on the side..the sweet squash against the salty pork is heaven...and pork shoulder is one of the less expensive cuts, so it's a good alternate to grass-fed beef.


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          I finally made it today. My verdict, really, really good. I'm glad I only kept the cinnamon stick in the pot for 40 min, and the dish only has a hint of the flavor. Otherwise it would have been too overpowering imo. But that's just me-not a big fan of seasonings.


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            I add some left-over carnitas to a curry sauce I made for something else-excelente!


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              Managed to cook some Carnitas as well
              Here's the outcome (sorry for using some local language in the description) =>
              "...Primal or not primal - that is the question!"

              Starting weight 85kg, 22% bodyfat (December 2012)
              Current weight 78kg, 15% bodyfat (March 2013)
              Desired weight 83-84kg , 7-8% bodyfat (May 2014 or sooner)


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                ok I made a variation on this; got marked-down bone-in pork chops for $2/lb total 3.5 lb, in my crockpot put sliced anaheim chiles in the bottom, made a rub of various spices (salt, pepper, parsley, cilantro, paprika, mustard, garlic powder, crushed bay leaves, fennel seed, caraway seed, cinnamon), made a slurry of the spices with some green chile paste and water, and coated both sides of all chops and just laid them in a layer in the crockpot and cooked on low all night. The meat shrinks as it cooks and releases a lot of water, and the chile peppers also release their water, so without adding any extra water there ends up being a lot of liquid in the pot after cooking. I ended up with four 2-cup servings of food from this experiment, including both solids and liquid.

                HOWEVER I think I used too much cinnamon or it just isn't working for me, because there is something in the seasoning I really don't like and I'm pretty sure it's the cinnamon (might be the caraway or fennel but don't think so...). I used about 1/2 teaspoon, maybe a bit more. (As I didn't have a cinnamon stick just thought I would add ground cinnamon). Another recipe I found lists only 1/4 t per 4 lbs meat, which I think would be better if cinnamon must be included. Probably I will omit the cinnamon entirely next time, but I still think this is a good easy way to prepare an easy, tasty meal(s) with cheap pork. Even the cheapest ground beef is over $3 a pound now, and the really cheap 73% pretty much isn't even worth eating.
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                  I so agree! That carnitas recipe is amazingly yummy! I'm planning to make them again this weekend.