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Non egg/meat b-fast idea

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  • Non egg/meat b-fast idea

    I am not into eggs/meat lately for bfast. Any other ideas? Is it not a good idea to eat fruit on its own (insulin response?)

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    i'm a fan of skipping breakfast.

    but, if you want fruit, eat fruit. if you want to add some fat to it, try an apple with almond butter, or berries and cream. anything can work as a breakfast; if i ate breakfast and got tired of eggs, i'd be downing fish or some kind of seafood every day.


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      Full fat greek yogurt (if you tolerate dairy) with 'Nola is delicious.

      'Nola: Girl Gone Primal: Recipe: Grain-Free Granola (Nola) - The Final Cut

      Coconut milk custards are yummy and egg-hiding and fill you up for a while.



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        smoothie w/frozen mango, blueberries, greek yogurt, flavorless whey, and greens

        mug cake with protein added

        goat cheese stuffed peppers
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          Buttercoffee (aka Bulletproof coffee, but I use much less butter than recommended) - it's like a steamy hot coffee milkshake, sorta.
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            I don't have breakfast often, and when I do it happens to be more of a brunch.

            However, I alternate:

            - fried eggs + bacon or...
            - smoked wild salmon with avocado
            - smoked wild salmon with homemade cream cheese

            Yep, omega-3 are important

            It may seem a bit strange to start the day with fish after being used so long to sugary chocolate chips and milk, and I agree. But once you get used to it's just a breakfast like another.

            When I do not have proper breakfast (most of the time) I just take a cup of italian black coffee. I have been burning fats all the night and probably I am in full ketosis, too, so why stopping right now?


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              Originally posted by primalrob View Post
              but, if you want fruit, eat fruit.
              sugary stuff in the mornin makes me hungry all day long. I'm a big fan of nuts for breakfast.


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                lately i've been making "bulletproof coffee with a twist":

                stovetop espresso (probs 2 cups and i usually do half caf)
                1 big tablespoon coconut oil
                1-2 tbsp of the "meloroaster mix" (1 can of coconut cream, add heavy cream (1/2 cup??), blend, add any/all cocoa powder, cinnamon, vanilla to taste - store in big mason jar in fridge and try really hard NOT to down several spoonfuls every time you open fridge)
                1tsp butter (optional - often don't bother)
                1 egg yolk

                blend everything but the hot coffee first...if it isn't blending add a little bit of the coffee (you don't want to 'cook' the yolk!). then slowly blend in coffee.

                this is AMAZEBALLS and often enough for me in the morning. if not i make the meloroaster shake (ok now i'm refer to myself...ugh)

                - 1cup (i never measure but probs right) mixed frozen berries
                - 2-3 big arse kale leaves
                - scoop of homemade full fat yoghurt (if available)
                - bit o h2o
                - unsweetened whey
                - dollop of coconut oil


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                  Originally posted by JoanieL View Post
                  Buttercoffee (aka Bulletproof coffee, but I use much less butter than recommended) - it's like a steamy hot coffee milkshake, sorta.
                  Yep I do this too.


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                    Something with canned pumpkin perhaps?
                    My non-meat breakfast is usually yogurt with blueberries and puréed almonds...mmmm!
                    Sometimes I add canned pumpkin to it as well.
                    But maybe you could come up with a pumpkin based breakfast if you are not tolerant of/don't want the dairy.
                    If I am particularly full from the day before, I might eat a handful of almonds and an apple. Mostly because I know I need to have carbs throughout the day. I also eat broccoli with my eggs/meat, but I haven't tried it (broccoli) alone for breakfast yet.

                    Great thread!
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                      i dunno your food preferences, so here's this

                      Vegetables - chowstalker
                      yeah you are

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                        I like tomatoes, a little bit of mozzarella cheese basil, balsamic vinegar, and little rolls of smoked salmon.


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                          try an apple with almond butter, or berries and cream.


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                            I made a lovely paleo smoothie the other morning. A frozen banana, an egg, a spoonful of good cocoa, about half a cup of coconut milk and about half a cup of water. Blended smooth - yummy!

                            I buy the almost over-ripe bananas for super cheap, peel them all and layer them flat in a ziplock bag in the freezer. They are easy to get out one at a time.


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                              Man oh man am I happy to see some ideas here... First let me say I typically don't eat brekkie on days when I work in the office because it just takes me several hours to even get hungry once I wake up. So I usually have an early lunch in the office. Of leftovers, typically.
                              Sometimes I will just need something but don't have the time to make brekkie or want to mess with leftovers -- that's when I usually heat up some broth and take it to sip on my commute.
                              But brekkie at home is another story. Sometimes I eat leftovers, but when I'm at home and have the time and inclination to get in the kitchen and whip something up, I tend to stick with old reliable -- eggs and bacon. This last weekend, I had a moment, as I was diving into my second egg, when I thought -- OK, had enough, don't think I can tolerate another bite of eggs. The puppy benefitted. I think I've just been too monotonous in my egg choices for my weekend brekkies (I fall back on the no-muss, no-fuss scrambled egg). The next day, I just had bacon and half a grapefruit, NO eggs, and that held me fine until lunch. But now I'm thinking about what I might have for brekkie this coming weekend. So, again, thanks for the ideas.