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Ground bison in a frittata?

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  • Ground bison in a frittata?

    Has anyone experimented with ground bison in eggs? I want to try this but I don't want to waste a dozen good eggs nor some expensive bison. Just curious if anyone has tried this and liked it

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    Often with frittata, I pre-cook all the things I throw in ... be it bacon, mushrooms, whatever ... although veggies, I like to go in raw, especially cabbage.

    Fry off the meat with some onions and garlic for a few minutes, lower the heat and let it cook for a short while. Remove ... same skillet, get the eggs in and chuck the meat in.

    Gorgeous! From a cook's point of view, I can't see this not working ... drop some other goodies in there, too ... thinly sliced mushrooms, wilted spinach, samphire if you can get it (Gawd, this would be good with Bison) ... make a pretty frittata.

    I hope you make this - it does sound like a lot of fun.

    "... needs more fish!"


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      I tried this, and don't know why I was nervous about it, probably because I haven't had bison before I just made my usual frittata, a dozen eggs with a lot of baby spinach, mushrooms, spices a bit of coconut oil and this time added .5 pound ground bison and .5 pound pastured ground beef. The bison was very expensive so all I purchased was .5 lb.

      It was quite good! I bake the frittata, I don't have a skillet that can go from stove to oven so I cook the meat, mix it into the beaten eggs, etc., and bake it. Yummy!

      Samphire? I will have to look that up.


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        Super! I'm glad you got a good meal out of it.

        Yeah, samphire is a seaside vegetable which grows in marshy land and in estuaries.
        Samphire - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

        You might need to import it.

        "... needs more fish!"


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          I had that for breakfast this morning. I sauteed the ground bison in some Kerrygold butter, and then added my eggs, along with some chopped spinach (already cooked).

          I often have 'meat omelets' and love them.