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Chicken hearts!!

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  • Chicken hearts!!

    Okay, so maybe it was a bit impulsive, but I noticed packages of chicken hearts at the grocery the other day, so I thought, "WTF...totally primal. Let's do this."

    Except I don't really know what to do with this.

    Anyone eat hearts on the regular and have a favourite recipe to share? I've found a few chicken liver recipes (thank you, Well Fed) that I'm sure will work just as nicely.

    And I'm totally eating the sh*t out of these with my hands.

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    I had them in the Philippines. Just barbecued on a grill. They were awesome and are my favorite part of the chicken.


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      Gah!! If there wasn't 8 inches of fresh powder and gale force winds here today, I would totally grill them...!!
      Next time for sure


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        They make chicken stock amazing, and they're chewy and delicious afterward to boot, unlike disgustingly dry white meat.

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          I sauteed them in butter with salt and pepper and then simmered them in Mark's Spicy Red Pepper Coconut sauce. Turned out great! Healthy Sauces, Dressings and Toppings | Mark's Daily Apple


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            I use them just like I would use chicken meat chunks. Once I had them as kebabs with some jicama fries. The other day I put them in a curry with brussels sprouts and potatoes.


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              Like little meatballs, I just pan-fry, season and eat. Low heat, they cook quickly.
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                We use them like SJMC. Stir fry, curry, jambalaya, chicken "noodle" soup...
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                  toss them in some coconut flour/salt/pepper/cayenne/whatever in a little ziploc bag and either deep fry or pan-fry them. They're a perfect nugget sized finger food.
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                    For people who haven't had them before, be aware, they have a distinctive taste you may not like. Definitely an organ meat.

                    The local churrascaria restaurant offers them as one of the meat options, but they are a bit funky. I would consider buying them by themselves but in my town they only come packed with gizzards, and it's far more gizzards then hearts...

                    Someone have some recipes for gizzards?
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                      @RichMahogany, I did just that and...well, I won't be again. Thankfully I had to cook them in two batches and the second batch got the coconut flour rinsed off; I just tossed them in the same spices as the first batch and pan fried them.

                      That said, they are tasty little buggers...and I have leftovers for lunch. I will definitely be trying them again (and again...).

                      Thanks all!