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The easiest and tasty, low carb energy boost. (CLA BOMB)

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  • The easiest and tasty, low carb energy boost. (CLA BOMB)

    Most of my calories come from grass-fed butter and I use it for fuel rather than carbs - so this is a perfect way to disguise it and eventually you can add huge amounts of butter/calories and get them in you quickly and easily, if you are in a rush.

    What you will need:

    Organic Tomato Paste/Puree
    Himalayan Sea Salt
    Grass Fed Butter (unsalted)
    Chicken Bone Broth (OPTIONAL) [great for joint problems]

    Throw it all in a mug, poor boiling water on it and wait for the butter to melt. Top it up with more boiling water and drink. I add a full 60 grams of butter to mine nowadays which is a huge hit of calories. On a low carbohydrate diet when you are burning fat as fuel, rather than carbs - this is a really good energy boost too.

    WARNING: Don't do this with conventional butter/salt - it's not a good idea to eat poor quality saturated fat in high doses.

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    I personally use one heaping teaspoon of tomato paste - I would use more, but I don't like eating carbs (especially fructose) too early in the day before I have exercised. As for the salt, a large pinch is decent.