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Primal Wonton or Eggroll Wrappers?

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  • Primal Wonton or Eggroll Wrappers?

    I have been on the primal diet for a short while, given my Asian heritage, it was difficult to give up rice but I think I feel pretty good without it so far. I found Kelp noodles to be a great replacement for noodle dishes that I usually make so it's good there, but I am really craving wontons/eggrolls.

    I have searched everywhere, on this site and elsewhere but I think it might not be possible to have true primal/paleo friendly eggroll/wonton wrappers. I have purchased both coconut and almond flour like everyone else, and recently had great success in making primal friendly chips and dips with almond meal/coconut flour, but for some reason I am not able to find same recipes for the wrappers.

    My guess is almond and coconut flour is only good for baking and possibly not good for frying or boiling?
    I have seen tons of Gluten Free wrappers recipes but they still call for either rice flour or rice paper or tapioca flour which aren't strictly primal preferred.

    Anyone has any experience in this matter?

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    Tapioca is oK isn't it? It might make a decent wrapper...


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      Someone pointed me to these today, not sure if they can be fried in oil, but looks promising:

      Pure Wraps Stock Original Wraps, 1.98oz, Pure Wraps, Main Website |

      Has anyone tried those before? Are they fry-able?


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        Spring roll rice paper wrappers, rice flour, and tapioca flour are all fine for use occasionally IMO.

        Rice paper and rice flour is made from rice. Acceptable.
        Tapioca is a starch from a root... roots and tubers are fine.
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          From what I've been able to gather, the rice-based stuff would be alright. You might be able to kind of fake it with seaweed wrap, but my experience with doing things with seaweed wraps are limited.

          Do let us know how your progress finds you - wontons were my DE FACTO favourite "Chinese food" dish.



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            I made a kinda screwy version with blanched cabbage leaves. I had to treat it more like and egg roll or grape leaf than a wonton wrapper, but it worked.
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              I've had the coconut wraps - really good, but insanely expensive (at least at the natural food store where I bought them). I didn't try and fry them though.


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                Originally posted by cori93437 View Post
                Spring roll rice paper wrappers,.
                Was also my first thought.. makes me want to experiment and try that with the new hog coming in next spring at my local farm...
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                  Would it be possible to blanch cabbage leaves so they are soft and pliable and use them? I know it is possible to make cabbage rolls and fry them though I've never tried. I would think they only difference between a fried cabbage roll and a fried eggroll would be the filling-but I've never made eggrolls so I could be wrong.
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