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Spouted Seed Breads.. no dairy, not grains... soft and scrummy.

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  • Spouted Seed Breads.. no dairy, not grains... soft and scrummy.

    I love primal,and bread doesn't like me. I looked for alternitives and have been making seed crackers to go with soups that I make for my lunches. The other day I was reading about sprouted breads.. but hey ho, they all had wheat and other grains in. so here is my take on a wheat and grain free bible bread.

    I used 100g each of sunflower and pumpkin seeds and sprouted them untill the sprouts where about 1/3 the length of the seed.
    To sprout seeds, soak in tepid water for 24hrs, then drain them and rinse set aside in an open jar. Rinse and drain a couple of times a day, the sprouts grow quite fast. 3 days is usually enough for this bread. You don't need fancy trays and sprouter, any wide mouthed jar will do. drain by putting your hand over the opening, then flicking the conents back in the jar.
    Once you have your sprouts, they need to be ground into a paste. You can do this in a food processor or with a grain grinder that takes wet ginding. don't use a grinder that will get all gummed up. Grind a little at a time, make sure you don't get the paste hot, or you'll destroy all the good stuff in it.
    Grind to a stodgy dough. You can add salt or herbs and spices if you like at this stage.
    Make thick(up to an inch) patties with the dough, wet hands make this easier.
    Place the patties on grease proof or parchment on a tray and dry in an oven for a few hours or in a dehydrater, don't over dry. They want to be a bit chewy and sof in the middle. They don't keep well.... so you'll just have to eat them or share them.
    If you eat dairy, they are great with cream cheese, if you are like me they are nice with home made soups at lunch time.
    I occasionally have one with Marmite... irrisitible for the English amongst us?... but probably not very paleo!