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I'm Struggling With Primal Lunch Ideas

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  • I'm Struggling With Primal Lunch Ideas

    A major sticking point for me is finding good lunch ideas to eat while I'm at work. I only have about 15 minutes for a lunch break, so anything convenient that doesn't take much time to heat up, finish eating, etc. is what I'm looking for. Do you guys have any good lunch ideas? What are your favorite things to eat for your work lunches?

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    I prefer a cold lunch.
    I take boiled eggs, frittatas, pieces of cheese, tins of tuna (with some olives or gurkins) or sardines, smoked mackarel and such stuff. I always add some carrots or cherry tomatoes and sometimes a coulple of nuts or pieces of coconut.
    I you prefer something hot try some soup you can take along in a thermos or heat the frittatas.


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      Quiche. Sardines in olive oil. Salmon. Tuna. Cold chicken legs. Cold meat from the roast. Soup in a thermos. Add salad and a piece of fruit and you are good to go.


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        Eat a bigger breakfast and dinner and skip lunch.
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          I have the same problem as the OP; Primal lunch for YP at work! Well, I've begun enjoying a big salad made at the outlets such as Subway or Potbelly, Panera Bread.

          Would you suggest this to the OP? Or am I not eating the best I could with these Salads?

          Thank you! Wish everyone a wonderful 2013 ahead.



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            Big ass salad with some kind of cold meat. Leftovers from the night before, hot or cold.

            I think eating takes the same amount of time regardless of what's in your lunch. The time is in the prep, not the eating. Even if you're reheating leftovers, that doesn't take more than 2 minutes.
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              Originally posted by vishnuns39620 View Post
              I have the same problem as the OP; Primal lunch for YP at work! Well, I've begun enjoying a big salad made at the outlets such as Subway or Potbelly, Panera Bread.

              Would you suggest this to the OP? Or am I not eating the best I could with these Salads?
              These are likely filled with processed meat, sub-par veggies, creepy seed oils, etc.
              Better choice than a sandwich? ABSOLUTELY!
              Better choice than leftovers/salad from home? not likely.

              OP - I'm not sure where you live, or what your job is, but in many situations, a 15 minute lunch break isn't legal.
              If I were you, I'd eat a bigger breakfast and fast through lunch, or if you're truly hungry, throw down a can of tuna or some hard boiled eggs w/evoo, an avocado, etc. Something with plenty of protein/fat to keep you sated until you're done with work... if you're the type of person that needs carbs for energy, make some oven roasted sweet potatoes w/coconut oil - they're easy to grab cold (don't over-oil or they're greasy).

              Save the veggies (which I consider to be a "slower" food to eat.) for breakfast and dinner.


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                Meat roll-ups: sliced meat (chicken and ham are my favorites) rolled around cheese or sauteed veggies. Roast beef around mushrooms is REALLY good, plus they don't need to be warmed up. Dip in mustard or other fav sauce.

                Tuna or chicken salad: canned tuna/poached chicken mixed with homemade mayo and whatever extras you like (bacon bits, onions, grapes, nuts, etc). Use a celery stick as a shovel, I mean spoon, to eat.

                "horses ovaries" (yes, we are SO classy in this house): steak bits and cheese cubes with a dipping sauce, sliced sausage and cherry tomatoes, cold boiled shrimp, basically anything that can be stuck on a toothpick and eaten. I make mini-skewers so all I have to do is open the container, reach in and grab a stick and start eating.

                Chicken fingers (made with almond meal instead of regular flour). I like them cold and they don't take much to heat up.

                Make a green salad at home, pack the tomatoes and dressing in a different container and mix it together right before you eat.

                Pack broth or a thin soup in a thermos and sip while you work instead of tea or coffee. It'll help fill you up so you need less at lunch time.

                Hamburger patty with fixings. I like a 50/50 burger with lettuce as a bun. Pack the tomatoes and onion separate so its easier to heat (if you need it warm).

                Bean-less chili. Might take a moment or two to heat up but easy to spoon up and gobble down.
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                  Big ass salad. Take your choice of meat (chicken, steak, whatever) pre-cooked in a separate container- heat that in the microwave, put on salad. Enjoy. I think the B.A.S. is the perfect lunch, personally. Very satisfying.
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                    Lunch is definitely something I always try to have something delicious for, even just for the quick break from an otherwise boring day. Two of my favorite things to bring with me are chili or the beef stew from Charm City Kettlebells.

                    They make a ton, so you can store them in individual containers and freeze them or leave them in your fridge to bring to work all week! These recipes taste like the real deal, even without the beans or potatoes. If you eat dairy, the chili is great with cheese, sour cream, or both on top!