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What can I do with these items?

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  • What can I do with these items?

    I have the following items and I have no idea what to do with them

    Naturally smoked organic pork hock thingys

    What I think is frozen swordfish

    Venison back strap

    And discuss.....

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    season the whole backstrap with salt, pepper, and garlic. wrap in bacon. roast or grill until desrired doneness. rare or medium rare is ideal. devour. i served one just like that (among other things) on xmas day.


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      Roast that hock and eat the ham every which way, then save the bone for some incredible hambone soup. If the hocks have a nice layer of skin on them, score it before roasting and it'll get all nice and crackly which then makes for a perfect vehicle for shovelling guacamole (or any other preferred dip) into your yap.
      For the swordfish - make this seasoning (Lady Jane's: Bajan Seasoning.. the Perfect Pinch), rub all over your defrosted fillets. Let it sit in the fridge a few hours, then bake, grill or pan fry. Y-um.


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        funny you should ask, I have some frozen swordfish defrosting right now - this has become a favorite in our house:
        defrost the swordfish (set the package on a plate in the fridge for about a day until thawed)

        Season both sides with sea salt and nantucket rub - using enough seasoning that it forms kind of a crust of flavor when you sear the fish - of course you can use any seasonings you like, we've just found that this odd tin that I picked up AGES ago + sea salt is a combo we love on swordfish

        Heat a skillet over med-high heat with bacon grease, sear/cook a few minutes per side (the time depends on the thickness and how done you like it).

        Serve with salad and steamed veggies, sweet potatoes, or other sides of your choice. YUM.


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          duplicate post - sorry!
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            Swordfish works very nicely with fruit! Make up a dragonfruit salsa with red onion and cucumber macerated in cider vinegar and griddle the fish. Little more than a minute or so eat side ...

            "... needs more fish!"


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              Granddad was always a big fan of boiled ham hocks and kale.

              I like to slice backstrap crosswise into medallions and pan sear in healthy fat of your choice, maybe deglaze with some demi, and top with the resultant sauce (and maybe a few berries).


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                Throw them out and cook some collard greens instead.
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                  Backstrap is always good grilled with some sauteed apricot or pear baked with butter and cinnamon. Sounds strange but it works.