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Primal Christmas Brunch!

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  • Primal Christmas Brunch!

    I just wanted to share that we just completed our first Primal Christmas Brunch! We had the kids (22, 20, 12 and 9) over for our holiday celebration, and everything on the menu came from the Primal world!

    We enjoyed:

    Zucchini Egg Bake (The Primal Blueprint Cookbook)
    Berry Pancake (The Primal Blueprint Quick & Easy Meals)
    Pizza Frittata (The Primal Blueprint Quick & Easy Meals)
    Fruit Studded Scones (Best of Grain-Free Meal Plans, Vol 1) (Got it free on Amazon for my Kindle)
    Chicken Curry Clafouti (The Primal Blueprint Reader-Created Cookbook)

    Okay, so the scones were a bit of a "splurge" -- but they were really yummy! (And I got to use my scone dish for a change!)

    The best part? No one even thought twice about the food being primal or the lack of "standard" breakfast stuff! Everyone enjoyed the meal, they ate until they they were full, and we had left overs for breakfast this morning. :-)

    It was great to be able to share a satisfying, enjoyable Primal meal with my family. No one else besides me has adopted the Primal lifestyle (yet), but I think experiences like this one will go a long way to helping them see that they don't have to "sacrifice" to be healthy.

    For what it's worth, the big hit of the day was the Chicken Curry Clafouti! Everybody raved about it, including the 9-yr old. We'll definitely be making it again!

    Happy and healthy holidays, everyone!


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    What is Clafouti? Everything sounds marvelous. Really, there's no need to miss anything with Primal! I have made hardly any baked treats in a year that I can eat, but I have the past few days - definitely a splurge, definitely not healthy, but at least I'm not filling my belly with gluten.
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      I'd never heard of clafouti before, but the recipe sounded good. I think it's normally done with pastry, but this recipe was just eggs, butter, chicken, coconut milk and curry powder.