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    My daughter takes credit for this recipe. We were discussing what to make as a side for pork-chops and here is what came out of it. It was quite good, and pretty colorful. I think pork is the main client for this side-dish, but it could also work with fish.

    1-2 cups leftover marinara sauce (mine is basically an onion & a few cloves of garlic slowly sweated with some lard, then a 28 oz of diced tomatoes - reduced and simmered, then a handful of basil, and 8 oz tomato paste to finish off, then take a immersion blender to it & maple syrup to take the sour age off if needed)

    2 green bell peppers, diced
    1 large diced red onion
    ~ 1 c of diced sweet potato
    ~ 1 -2 tbsp of fat of choice (I use lard)
    1 c of black beans (if you don't want beans, I am sure carrots or mushrooms will do)

    A real large deep REAL SERIOUS size frying pan. I can't emphasize enough the importance of the REALLY BIG pots and pans. Preferably with handles on both sides. Do buy one, they are super-handy!!! Or an electric pan in a pinch.

    In your favorite pan, sweat the onions with green peppers & sweet potatoes and enough fat to keep onions from burning. When vegetables are bright and half-ready, dump in the marinara, stir and simmer to desired degree of softness on the peppers and sweet potatoes (onions will be a good follower). Add beans (if using mushrooms or some other veg, they would take a residence in the pan with the rest of the crowd). Stir and serve.
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