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Carb Content in Coconut Flour?

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  • Carb Content in Coconut Flour?

    I would like to try baking some things with Coconut Flour, but the carb content seems rather high, so I've avoided purchasing any. Doing an online conversion of grams to cups, it looks like there is 64.8 carbs in a mere half-cup of coconut flour...many recipes call for 2 cups at least.

    Am I missing something? Thanks! Would love to try it in muffins or something...

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    I think it's best to resign yourself to the idea that worthwhile baking is always going to be high in carbohydrates. As long as you select healthy ingredients, like coconut flour over wheat flour, and not indulge weekly, you will be fine. It's not just the carbs, after all. Wheat is poisonous.
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      In my experience, coconut flour is REALLY REALLY dry, so most of the recipes I have that use it don't actually use very much, and they have a lot of eggs to compensate for dryness.
      Replacing wheat flour in traditional recipes with coconut flour in the same amounts/ratios won't work; the dryness of coconut flour requires a bit of culinary creativity which often results in using less of it anyway, thereby reducing carb content.
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        You're not missing anything - it's not "low carb" it's just not flour from grains.

        IMHO It's counterproductive if you're doing PB for fat loss.


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          Hi SK1,

          please take a look at my cupcakes and the comments. You can substitute blanched almond flour as well. Here is a snapshot of my reply to one of my visitors. We only indulge in high-carbs on Wednesdays and Sundays - this way we can stay in shape and balance out or foods.

          They are really good. Here is some info that I hope will help. If you wish to use all Almond Flour the cupcakes will still work too. Please let me know what you think once you try them. Best! Jo

          But here’s the breakdown.
          1/4 cup almond flour (AF), is 320 cals, 28 grams of fat, 12 grams of carbs and 12 grams of protein
          1/4 cup coconut flour (CF), is 132 cals, 2.8 grams of fat, 20.8 grams of carbs and 6.4 grams of protein
          Here are some good links for AF

          Here is the actual breakdown per our original recipe cupcake:

          This whole batch amounts to 150 grams, but note that his makes 10 cupcakes. Here is the nutritional breakdown per cupcake:

          Calories 194
          Calories from Fat 100
          Total Fat 13 g
          Total Carbohydrate 15 g
          Protein 6.3 g
          Nutty Kitchen

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            even if coconut flour has some carbs, it is still low sugar so insulin is fine, coconut is also high in fats as fruits go and its not wheat, its a dam seed! its fyyyne!! nutty kitchen they look good. ive restricted myself primal primal desserts tho as I say there healthy and them go way overboard!

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              Uhhh, coconut flour is really high in fiber. In the brand I use, a 2 Tbs. serving has 8g carbs, 5g of which are fiber -- so, essentially, 3g. Fiber is not absorbed. Most people who follow low-carb diets subtract fiber from the carb count, and are only concerned with net carbs -- the kind that affect your blood sugar/insulin response. Mark doesn't apparently subtract fiber, but really, in terms of physiological response coconut flour is NOT high in carbs, though I suppose it might mess up your count.

              Also, because you need a lot of eggs and liquid etc. when baking with it, a little coconut flour goes a long way. No way you're going to eat half a cup in any conceivable serving. When I make coconut flour pancakes, I use around 1.5 Tbs of the flour (along with protein powder, admittedly). So envision a couple of Tbs. at most in any serving you might actually consume.
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                looking great rockstareddy - much obliged for the reply!
                Nutty Kitchen

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                  My blueberry muffin recipe calls for 1/4 cup of coconut flour and 3 tbsp of honey. That makes 6 large muffins, and I eat one. You gotta remember that the whole recipe isn't one serving.

                  I bake as a treat for my kiddos, and myself. Not an everyday part of my life, but a much better alternative to grains and high sugar treats.
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                    Thanks, everyone. I probably should have mentioned that I originally asked since I am a type 1 diabetic, therefore I have to measure out insulin for all carbs/sugar I consume, whether it comes from grains or other sources. I was just making sure I wasn't misreading the labels. Accurate nutrition facts are really important when you are dosing insulin for everything you consume.

                    Nuttykitchen, I will probably try the recipe subbing out some coco flour for the almond flour, thanks for that suggestion!


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                      Mark wrote about coconut flour here. He did calculate the net carbs as 1. What do you guys think this means for weight loss? Do you think someone could eat coconut flour pancakes/waffles and still see some good weight loss?
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                        I don't know what recipe you read that required 2 cups, like others have said, CF is really dense. You would use roughly 1/4 cup CF for 1 cup of regular flour. My normal banana muffin recipe uses 1/4 cup with eggs and bananas and that makes 1 doz med muffins.