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Holiday parties for the Primal.

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  • Holiday parties for the Primal.


    'Tis the season to stuff ourselves silly, except this year I'll be loading up on primal goodies and skipping the sugary, floury treats.

    So, my question is: Do you all have an excellent Primal dish that has gone over well at parties? I've been invited to a few, and I want to take something to share (and mainly so I can snack without falling off the wagon).

    I've been looking at the bacon and mushroom dip from the Primal Blueprint cookbook, but I haven't made it yet.

    Do you folks have any success stories for dishes you've taken to get togethers and everyone has loved?

    Much appreciated!

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    can't go wrong with a veggie platter with sour cream dip. Also dates stuffed with mascarpone and glazed/candied pecans always gets raves reviews when I bring it to parties.
    --Trish (Bork)


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      I like my dates stuffed with good goat feta and wrapped in bacon. People devour them. I also make devilled eggs using primal-friendly homemade mayo, and the tray will generally be picked clean almost as soon as I put it out.

      Chicken wings are usually a hit. You could also do a cold meat tray with quality meats, maybe some olives and some good cheese. Salads are always a nice option too. I make a good sweet potato salad. For brunch events, bacon-wrapped eggs or crustless quiches are always popular. And of course, a nice fruit tray is good if you eat fruit.
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        My cheese-and-pineapple on cocktail sticks retro-style usually goes down a treat. I use fresh pineapple and goat's cheddar, sputnik'd onto a foil-covered grapefruit.

        My baked egg tortilla pieces are also popular. Fry onions, orange bell peppers and garlic in olive oil, then mix in with whole eggs, grated nutmeg, fresh flat-leaf parsley and salt, and bake in the oven in 6-inch greased terracota dishes. Cut each into 9 'squares' and serve cold.

        Both are suitable for vegetarians too.
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