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  • Best Gel - set chicken stock

    I've been trying different methods of making chicken stock for ages now and have come down to one method that gives me a really solid setting chicken stock - which MUST have lots of gelatine in it!

    I've tried 12 hours in the slow cooker with cider vinegar, 12 hours with lemon juice, slow cooker for up to 36 hours (set was poor). And all variations in between. Then last week I went back to my (sadly neglected) pressure cooker, one chicken carcass, covered with water by about an inch, no vinegar or lemon juice, pressure cooked for 40 minutes and when cool, strained the stock. It set firm without being in the fridge - after refrigerating overnight, I could bounce a spoon on it!

    So I tried again the next day with the bones from 12 chicken wings - just water, no vinegar or anything - and again, solid setting stock! With a lovely, rich flavour.

    Obviously I won't be able to do a stock with the great big beef bones which I make in the slow cooker, but for chicken bones, I find it just amazingly good!

    I don't know how much this affects the outcome, but the chicken I use comes from a local free range, organic chicken farm. I haven't tried with a "normal" mass produced chicken!!