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    Has anyone read 4-Hour Chef by Tim Ferriss? He advocates his own 'Slow Carb' diet, but it's pretty similar to Paleo in terms of eating real, non-processed foods.

    Regardless, one of his recipes his Osso Bucco with Lamb Shanks..I just cooked it as the first real recipe that I've done and it was AMAZING.

    Here it is:

    Scrub bunch of carrots and cut off ends.
    Place in bottom of dutch oven.
    Take your lamb shanks and place on top of those.
    Open can of San Marzano tomatoes and pour puree on top as well as squeeze each tomato with your thumb first then squeeze them with full hand and drop in.
    Then drizzle about 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil over the top. Then take about 3 big 3 finger pinches of salt and sprinkle on top.
    Also, 10 good grinds on a peppermill.
    Then pour the dry white wine (what ever dry white you like) so that it is up to 1/2 or 3/4 of the lamb shanks. Cook in preheated oven, covered, at 350F for 2 hours.

    Simple and delicious.

    The scrambled eggs with twice as many egg yolks as whites is also extremely delicious.

    Anyways, would love to hear if anyone else has tried any other recipes from the book.
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    I actually picked the book up yesterday, but probably won't get to it for a few days minimum.
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      I haven’t tried any of his meals or read his books but he was recently a guest on Robb Wolf’s Paleo Solution podcast. You have to be at least somewhat paleo to be on the show. I enjoyed the interview as he is an interesting guy. I plan to read a couple of his books because of it. And try out some of his recipes of course!
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        the wine isn't the greatest but it does sound divine.

        I don't get the squeeze with thumb and then use hand, thing! I get crushing it with your hand but what's the thumb thing for?


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          I'm just about to start the actually "chef" part of the book, looking forward to trying some of these interesting recipes! I thought the build-up with meta learning and 80/20 pareto principle was very interesting, even if there was a little repeated information from his previous books!
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            Thanks for posting! I was wondering how good the book is, and pondering getting it in the library. I will now, I think
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              Was just Googling around looking for good Osso Bucco recipes and stumbled in here - then remembered I have this book!

              So yeah, currently got Osso "Buko" on the go which will be done in a couple hours, in the mean time, here's another 4HC recipe I've nailed a gazillion times:

              - Sexy Time Steak

              Basically, it's a single pan simple method for making a great steak and sauce simultaneously, works a charm.

              Couple pics:


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                The meatloaf recipe is also excellent. The last step involves loud sex.

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                  Originally posted by Markbt View Post
                  The meatloaf recipe is also excellent. The last step involves loud sex.

                  AND I WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR LUNCH...


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                    Originally posted by AshSimmonds View Post
                    AND I WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR LUNCH...

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                      would this recipe work with boneless ribeye?