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Hypothetical All Primal Restaurant.

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    Depends on where you live - in my country for example, the 'low-carb' movement is pretty high, but as far as I know the capital does not yet have a fully primal restaurant. Since the primal diet is only now on the verge of making it somewhat maintream, I reckon you could either make it big (if you find a perfect location) or break big time since not enough people around eat the way you do.

    But yes, a food truck might be a good idea. So might a fast food stand, where you could serve slightly more expensive, but much healthier, primal food for people on the go. You could keep pre-heated primal hotdogs, meat and fish and serve in salad wraps and other fancy primal solutions. I've always dreamed of a primal restaurant that would have a proper, expensive diners' part, and one for the slightly cheaper, faster 'on-the-go' foods. Pretty much a restaurant where you have one mcdonalds counter for the ones who aren't going to get a table for the rest of the evening.