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Chicken giblets?

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  • Chicken giblets?

    Confession #1: I'm 37 years old and have never cooked a whole chicken. The closest I've come is Cornish game hen. So I'm rectifying this today; it's in the oven right now. I have high hopes despite already making a rookie mistake: find trussing twine BEFORE you're elbow deep in salmonella.

    Confession #2: I'm TERRIFIED of organ meat. My only experience with it is my mother forcing me to eat to eat cow liver when I was little. I wasn't allowed to leave the table until I ate at least one bite and I despised it. As an adult I learned that my mother was actually a pretty terrible cook and it's possible I hated the liver because she sucked at cooking it, but I haven't worked up the nerve to test this hypothesis yet.

    There's currently a bag of chicken giblets in my fridge. Any recommendations what to do with them other than feed them to the cat?

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    1 - Cook a whole chicken. Blimey, mate, anyone can cook a chicken ... cook it, eat it and enjoy it. Fail? Cook a few poussin as practice

    2 - organs ... giblets, particularly ... make pate. Fry off the gibets with some mushrooms if you're really gagging at the thought, blend the lot with a hand blender, cool in a ramekin and eat with celery. Enjoy. Go from there.

    "... needs more fish!"


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      Here's an easy giblet recipe that (too me) is tasty. Brown giblets in olive oil, butter, etc. Cover w/ tomato/"pasta" sauce and sauteed onions,garlic,rosemary,wine(?). Don't forget pepper flakes! Simmer till tender. Serve with broccoli, roasted pumpkin...