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Freezing coconut milk?

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  • Freezing coconut milk?

    I was wondering if you can freeze coconut milk? sometimes i dont need much but i always have to open a whole can. since no one else in the family eats it, i dont like to have to eat it all myself. i can cook extra lunch with it in and freeze that too i guess.

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    Spoilage in one's fridge depends a lot on what's in it. Meaning: See for how long an opened can and its remains lasts in your own fridge. I assume that this stuff keeps better than regular cows milk, but you gotta see for yourself in your environment. Of course everything can be frozen, the trick is to unfreeze it in due time for your Primal meals!
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      if you freeze cows milk, it unfreezes not so nice. i will try it and see as i am going to make a fish curry tomorrow for lunch.


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        Hey seaweed, often freeze left over coconut cream and milk in an ice cube tray. Great to drop in curries, smoothies or drinks.
        Just measure how many spoonfuls fill a cube so you know how much you're using.

        It doesn't last more than 3 days or so in my fridge, even in an airtight container.
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          awesome. my plan had been to icecube it and also ice cube some broth as that is useful to have in small amounts and it also doesnt keep too well.