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Plumpy Nut Alternatives: Big Batches of Great Nutrition for my Kids

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  • Plumpy Nut Alternatives: Big Batches of Great Nutrition for my Kids

    Background: There's a great story about how malnourished kids are being fed in Africa with a product called Plumpy Nut, bringing them back from starvation with small packets of Peanut butter mixed with dairy and some other ingredients. It's saving lives since it has almost all the nutrition they need and is super easy to digest. You can donate $60 to feed a kid for two months.

    I thought of how we sometimes struggle to feed our kids HIGH QUALITY food every meal. If I had something like this, and if it was more primal, it would be like a nutritional insurance policy, even if we get too busy.

    There are a few recipes that might work for this below. Does anyone have additional ideas about good, affordable mixes/bars I could make in huge batches for my family to eat as nutrient-dense food later?

    Non-primal Plumpy Nut recipe that needs to be re-worked: Plumpy'Nut ready-to-use therapeutic food Recipe | LIVESTRONG.COM
    Sweet and Salty Primal Trail Mix | Mark's Daily Apple
    Primal Energy Bar Redux: Making a Better Bar | Mark's Daily Apple

    Yes, I know fresh foods are important. The point of this is to get something to help fill in the gaps instead of too much yogurt, etc. Ideally after some testing I'd buy ingredients in bulk to make recipes.