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Danish "Rye" bread

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  • Danish "Rye" bread

    A very typical danish lunch consists of a very dark bread filled with lots of seeds (and whole wheat flour) with some sort of topping. This type of bread is one of the things I have missed alot cutting out the grains from my diet, since it makes lunchboxes/fast breakfast so much easier, and tastes fantastic as well.

    So when I found this recipe from a danish cook doing paleo I was so thrilled. It is really really easy to make, tastes fantastic with a little butter, good cheese (if you do modified) or just some good meat or other topping.
    It is definitely very dense and high calorie, but I find that two slices of this will keep me satisfied for hours. I'm pretty sure all the seeds are paleo/primal, but if they are not they are still much better than any whole wheat flour. I followed the recipe as it is but I am pretty sure you could grate the almonds and the walnuts to get a more "even" bread, just don't do it to the seeds since some of them have fatty acids that spoils very easily.

    100 g pumpkin seeds
    100 g sunflower seeds
    100 g almonds
    100 g walnuts
    100 g flaxseed
    100 g sesame seeds
    5 eggs
    1 dl (0.5 C) extra virgin olive oil
    2 tsp salt

    Preheat the oven to 160 C (320 F). Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and pour into a greased baking form. Bake for 1 hour.

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    That looks wonderful. I wonder what the ingredients would look like converted in to cups /tbsps ect?


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      Oh yeah sorry about that, we don't really use volumetric measurements for things that are not liquid. Next time I bake it I'll try to convert to cups. If you have a scale you can always convert to oz I guess?