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Pastured Pork Loin End Roast

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  • Pastured Pork Loin End Roast

    I had a gift certificate to a local organic store, and came home with a 4.5 pound pork loin end roast. I had to tear my eyes away from the far more expensive leg of lamb that I really wanted - but this one was more affordable. I just found out that the pork loin is more lean (bummer). I've never cooked anything quite like this before. Any suggestions? Does it matter that it is an end roast?

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    Slow, with moisture in a covered pan. I just made a pork roast the other night with sauerkraut, onions and potatoes. Fairly lean but came out really moist, even through reheating. I love mojo criollo with pork as well. Great in a Crock-Pot or in a dutch oven in the oven.
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      Ok, so treat it basically the same as my less expensive cuts of grassfed beef then. I don't think it will fit in my crockpot though, so I guess it is finally time to invest in a meat thermometer

      I also picked up a small package of lamb ribs at the same time, I am looking forward to trying those.