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What to do with boneless marrow?

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  • What to do with boneless marrow?

    Yes, boneless marrow. I've bought some bones for crafting material, and I've got to poke out the marrow before I try to whiten them. Its quite a few bones, too, so it seem like such a shame to throw all that marrow away. But I don't really like marrow as a broth base (I recycle my roasted, marrow-freed bones for that) and I've only ever prepared marrow roasted in the oven, in-bone.

    But, now I've got to separate the marrow from the bones and do something with the marrow afterwards. I googled but the only non-roasting recipe I could find included grains, so that's out. I'm sure there is a whole bunch of things you can do with it, but, you know... I DON'T KNOW what to do with it.