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    Originally posted by drnemer View Post
    Where do they sell a cheap teapot with a strainer? So many sites seem to have one but do you have a preference?
    If your on a budget, why not check the local second hand shops?
    Or freecycle?
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      Love tea. Especially the bitter ones and the ones infused with other herbs (mint, rose leaves, citrus leaves...). All natural, of course. Traditionally English gal.
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        My recommendation would be to ask someone to get you a Zojirushi water heater for Christmas. It has different temperature settings for the type of tea you're making. Personally, I love the thing... I always scalded my green tea before I got it and I couldn't figure out why my green tea never tasted any good. XD It can also be used to sterilize baby bottles although it's not marketed for that. It's pricey though, so it would have to be a gift.
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          Wild Rose and someone else mentioned that the temperature can't be boiling hot for green tea or it will be bitter. I keep a Pyrex glass measuring cup (2-cup capacity) near my kettle. I pour the just-boiled water into the Pyrex, and from there into my mug. I've tested with an instant thermometer, and doing that brings the water immediately down to 170 degrees.

          Alternatively, just do what someone else here suggested: Pour the water into your mug, wait a few moments and then add the infuser with the tea leaves. If the mug is not warm (if your room is on the cool side), it will probably accomplish what my Pyrex cup accomplishes in bringing the water temperature down.

          There are a couple of 4-star electric kettles on amazon for $20 and $25. That could hold you over while wiating for someone to spring for a Zojirushi.



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            Another tea lover here! To give you an idea, we've got 3 bricks/cakes of pu-erh, 6 oolongs (high mountain baozhong, award winning baozhong, ali shan, etc.), 2 black (assam and darjeeling), 1 green (kukicha), white peony, and a few herbal teas.

            I will concur with the many other posters that said you do not need gadgets to make good tea. Water temperature and steep time are much more important. I like my Breville electric kettle with different water settings. I used my kitchen thermometer to test the settings and found it very accurate. You could always just get a cheap kettle and inexpensive thermometer. After a while, you'll get a feel of water temperature without it. I wanted the Zojirushi until I found out they all have non-stick coatings, plus they're more expensive.

            That said, we do have one gadget, the Tea Master Automatic Tea Brewer (scroll to the middle of the page.) It has a small hole at the bottom of the brewing vessel that brews good tea every time. I slightly prefer brewing in my gaiwan but if i just want some tea while working around the house, it works very well and I never over brew.

            You didn't ask but the following places are known to have good quality tea for a wide variety of prices:
            Verdant Tea
            The Tao of Tea
            Jasmine Pearl Tea Merchants
            Floating Tea Leaves
            Phoenix Tea