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Bone broth and Turkey Necks

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  • Bone broth and Turkey Necks

    I was at the store yesterday to buy beef bones for my broth and a lady was buying turkey necks. We engaged in a conversation and she told me that broth made from turkey necks is so much more delicious than chicken broth. I have not read much about this on the forum (only chicken and beef broth). She described it as a more "richer" flavor.

    Anyone have any experience with this?

    Thank you!!!

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    Yes, absolutely! I only make chicken broth because I have the carcasses from whole chickens. I am not saying that chicken broth is bad (although hens are way better for soup!), but turkey necks are my favorite as far as broth is concerned. The flavor is more pronounced but still far from, say, pungent (like duck broth, which is also great if you don't mind the strong smell and taste).

    By the way, turkey necks are a great option for those who are on a tight budget. They are quite cheap (at least where I live), and there's a lot of meat to pick from them. One whole neck (+ some vegetables) is enough to feed two adults. I sometimes eat the meat with mustard or grated horseradish for breakfast (I mostly make broth in the crockpot overnight). In other cases, I use it for risotto or for omelette filling, with whatever vegetables and cheeses I happen to have.


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      Excellent! Thank you so much for chiming in on this!!!!!


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        But note that the turkey neck is rather long, so you have a good chance of seeing the esophagus at least once.
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          Oh dear lord! I do NOT want to see "that"!!!! LOL.


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            Hubby always uses the neck and junk from our turkey to make gravy. He simmers it all day. I think the process is gross, but it does make some pretty darn good eats!
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              Thanks everyone!!!


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                I've never used just turkey necks...I have always boiled the turkey carcass to make soup after Thanksgiving, and it makes a nice soup. I am going to make turkey broth not soup with this years, just to compair it to my chicken broth.
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                  When I lived in Lousisana I used to make boiled turkey necks with the crab boil. Delish!


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                    I always put the turkey neck in the roasting pan and let it roast in the drippings, helps flavor up the gravy. Pick off all the tasty meat THEN add it to the rest of the carcass to make stock.
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