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Coconut Butter Bitter?

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  • Coconut Butter Bitter?

    I've finally made coconut butter after enjoying coconut oil so much...but it was very disappointing! The coconut butter smells really good, but it tastes really bitter. Nothing at all like the oil which is sweet and coconutty.
    Is that just how it is, does it need to toasted, was the coconut not fresh? I know i can add stuff to make it sweeter, but i didn't want to do that if at all possible.

    Any thoughts?

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    What brand did you buy? I buy Artisana and I wouldn't say it tastes bitter, to me it tastes like coconut oil only creamier and slighly sweet. I've also had Tropical Traditions coconut cream and it was very similar. I wonder if something was just off with the jar you tried? Coconut butter is something that I have to hide from myself! lol