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Ox Tail Soup recipe?

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  • Ox Tail Soup recipe?

    What is your favorite recipe for Ox Tail soup?

    I've read that ox tails have a lot of fat with a different mouth feel. I just made a killer braised short rib recipe last weekend from the Practical Paleo (braised in tomato sauce and dates). I imagine that it would work for ox tails if I choose but with the cooler temps I would like to try to make soup with it.

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    Any beef soup recipe should do. Its the large amount of gelatin that gives it the mouth feel. Taiwan's famous beef noodle soup can give you a good start. Noodles are easily left out
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      I tried this recipe for ox tail stew and it was awesome! I like the mouth-feel but it was different. I removed the top layer of fat after chilling it overnight before completing the process, I assume this will be good for drippings. The fat is also filled with seasoning as well so it will be interesting I found the link on someone's post here in another thread.