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    I find pig's liver to be more mild tasting than lamb's. Fried with bacon and onions, yummy.
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      Two tricks I use:
      1, cook it with salted bacon. Then, eat a bite of liver with a bite of bacon and a bit of veg. The saltiness of the bacon and the flavour of the veg take the "livery" taste from the liver.
      2, curry it. Curried liver changes quite a bit in flavour!
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        I make liver meatballs with the recipe from Primal Palate (argh, they've moved their website - it's loading a bit slowly and being a pain for me, but try this: Beef Liver and Onion Meatballs - The Food Lovers Kitchen )

        They have paprika and cinnamon in them, so they turn out yummy, despite the liver ;-)

        Easy to make, and I eat them with either steamed broccoli or sauteed onions/peppers and tomato sauce. Yum!


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          I've found conventional liver to be very 'liver-y' tasting, but liver from a grass-fed cow much tastier, far less 'liver-y'.

          I cook mine in a ton of bacon fat, bacon, more bacon...btw, bacon...on medium high. Be sure not to overcook it!

          I still need to try my hand at pate.

          With more bacon grease.

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            Oh. My. Goodness.

            The Bourbon Chicken Liver Pate is...nearly orgasmic.

            If you haven't tried it, try it. yodiewan, thank you for the suggestion!
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              I'm glad you found a recipe that worked! I do not have a dislike of liver stemming from first grade in Mother Russia (but I was in Russia for first grade!) and I'm still excited to try it as I've been contemplating liver on my own for the first time.
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                My trick for liver is to chop it in the food processor with an equal or slightly greater amount of ground beef (grass-fed, 75% lean), a cut up onion, and a whole lot of spices - I like to use mexican style spices, like taco seasoning or chipolte. When it is pretty homogenous, cook and stir it in a bunch of bacon grease until uniformly cooked. It makes wonderful cooked ground meat, which you can then sneak into just about anything.

                I often will reheat it in some bone broth, and have quick soup.


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                  Originally posted by KotikBegemotik View Post
                  Oh. My. Goodness.

                  The Bourbon Chicken Liver Pate is...nearly orgasmic.

                  If you haven't tried it, try it. yodiewan, thank you for the suggestion!
                  I'm glad you like it too!

                  Lately I've been eating lots of beef liver since I have a ton of it in my freezer. It's pretty good with some bacon and onions. Chicken livers are where it's at though.


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                    Well, you people inspired me to go out and buy some liver! But I'm still a bit scared to actually eat it. I think it might actually be bison (it's not labelled, and was from a place that sells grass fed - but grain-finished - beef and bison, and i didn't think to ask) It's two fairly thin sheets about a foot long.

                    I gave a little to my cats, one of them liked it, so at least it won't go to waste!
                    The lady at the market was aghast when I mentioned possibly mixing it with ground muscle meat, it was kind of funny.

                    Any particular advice for bison liver?
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                      sigh... i have 25 pounds of liver and as of my latest labwork i cannot eat it.... anyone want to take it off my hands, you pay shipping, grass fed liver never thawed
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