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Best breakfasts at work or on the go?

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    Originally posted by Screamer View Post
    Hi everyone,

    As a newbie to starting primal, one of the biggest things i'm worried about is what to eat for breakfast, especially as I eat at work usually? Obviously weekends I can make omelettes and stuff but what do the rest of you that eat at work do? there is only a toaster and microwave here.

    Lunch will be a similar thing, i'll have to pre-cook stuff to bring in to re heat at lunch.

    Thanks again
    I'm bored of breakfast too and don't love eggs, but can tolerate omelette style mixed with other flavors. Smoothies have been my saving grace for early morning, before leaving for work, then mid-morning Greek yogurt w/berries.

    I also take hard boiled eggs to work, peel and smash in a bowl (like you're making egg salad; cause 1) I hate the yolks and 2) if you re-heat a hard boiled egg it will explode) add a little butter and a sprinkle grated cheese (parm or romano) ~ microwave 30-45 seconds. Pretty good.


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      Ooh that sounds good as my other half doesn't like boiled eggs either.

      I had smoked salmon this morning with spinach and salad and boiled egg but now i'm wondering if smoked salmon is OK or not?


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        I have a hard time eating dinner for breakfast. However, one easy thing that is appropriately breakfast-bland is a leftover (or made for the occasion and frozen) ground beef stroganof. Just don't eat the noodles and dial down the sauce enough so it just coats the ground beef (and veg if you put veg in your stroganof).

        I've been known to freeze this in baggies (saves on space if you're cycling) because it reheats so well!


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          Just made a recipe that is incredible and it works for breakfast/lunch - it tastes just as amazing cold. And it's not eggy either ( it does contain a minimal amount of egg for binding). And it can totally help with adding more offal to the diet without actually tasting it.
          I use
          - 1 pound of ground meat (pork/beef or mix) - raw
          - half of pound offal - slightly boiled and slightly mashed (fork, mixer, doesnt have to be small)
          - fresh: dill, parsley (lots, the more the tastier)
          - 1-2 eggs
          - optional: mushrooms cut in small cubes, scallions cut small,carrots cut thinly, raw pecans or other nuts
          - small bit of salt and pepper - to taste

          Mix everything but the nuts together. Grease an oven pan. Pre-warm the oven to 400 degrees. Put the mix in the pan, with the nuts on top. Put the pan in the oven for 30-40 mins (more if the pan is deep rather than shallow). Mine came out juicy. The pecans on top were totally worth it.

          For a special effect you can mix an egg yolk really well and with a brush put it on top of the mix 10 minutes before it's done. This gives it a nice flavor and color. ( You can seriously put anything on top, like sesame or crushed nuts, seeds)

          As for other things i did to eat at work, my favorite lunch was a couple of pieces of (not fatty) cold meat mixed with lettuce (1-2-3-4 types), tomatoes, avocado, carrots, lemon, basically anything sallady. This was really great for me most days


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            If you're looking for quick and cheap, here's what I have for breakfast when I have it:
            And, provided you have a bottle, a jar and/or a tupperware box, some of these might be interesting for a breakfast on the go: Just make the night before, pop in your bottle/jar/tupper and leave in the fridge for tomorrow!

            All under 1 a portion and versatile, so you oughtn't have trouble finding "quick, cheap student-food" there.
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