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Homemade ricotta ... And leftover whey?

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    Hi Zanna,

    Were you able to make more ricotta from the leftover whey? From what I've read, making ricotta calls for sweet whey but the result of making ricotta is "acid" whey (from the lemon).

    I'm asking because I had some raw milk that I thought was turning so I made -- or, rather, tried to make -- ricotta. It's draining now but I have just a very little bit of cheese and a WHOLE lot of whey. Acid whey.

    I'm reluctant to go through the process of making ricotta from the whey if it's the wrong kind of whey.

    Pamsc, did you use "acid" whey to make your Crio Bru?



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      I just spent some time with my friend Google and learned that no, we can't make more Ricotta from acid whey. But yes, there are uses -- including using it instead of water in making bone broth. Since I roasted a chicken for tonight's supper, I'm adding the frame to the whey to make a n enriched stock.

      Oh, and my dog got a treat of whey with his supper tonight too. : )

      My ricotta is pretty dry and crumbly, unfortunately. But I know what to try doing differently next time.