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Kohlrabi recipes?

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  • Kohlrabi recipes?

    I got a lovely bunch on Saturday. The farmer said to eat the leaves as well as the bulb. We love all manner of cabbages and greens cooked most any way, so I'm open to any preparation.


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    I've always enjoyed it raw, just sliced and sprinkled with salt
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      I've used the greens just like any other greens, beet greens, kale, etc.
      I've used the bulbs just like potatoes in sauteed dishes.
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        What does it taste like? I've never tried it. Is it bland like potatoes or does it have a pretty strong taste, e.g. like rutabaga?


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          It tastes like a combination between cauliflower and broccoli. I just steam mine and maybe add some butter. I peel and cube the bulbs. It is one of my kids' favorite vegetables, granted their other favorites are broccoli and brussels sprouts.


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            Small ones are great peeled and eaten raw. Sometimes they even taste remotely like an apple.

            I peel and cube and toss with ghee. Roast at high heat until soft. 400-450 in oven (stir once). Mix it with root vegetables like carrots/parsnips.

            Can also julienne and make a slaw. They add juice to the slaw so maybe you don't need as much dressing.
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              Great sub for potatoes in soup. I like the greens as a curry.

              Weirdest thing I ever did with kohlrabi was cut it into small pieces and pretend it was macaroni for a faux mac-and-cheese casserole. Worked better than cauliflower for faux mac.


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                I just bought some today as the result of this thread. Here's a few recipes I've come across that sound tempting:

                Noolkol / Kohlrabi kalan My Cookbook (coconut kohlrabi curry)
                Nourish Me: Kohlrabi (kohlrabi remoulade)
                A Veggie Venture: Kohlrabi & Apple Slaw with Creamy Coleslaw Dressing ♥ (kohlrabi and apple slaw)

                I have some yummy honeycrisp apples, so I think I'll try the slaw tomorrow...