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So does anybody have any good recipes for a Tangine?

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  • So does anybody have any good recipes for a Tangine?

    My mother in law got me a Tangine for Christmas last year and I had not used it until last week when see guilted me into tyring it. Once reason, it takes a day to season and cure the Tangine. I have made two dishes with it so far and I am loving it. The last dish, I just took some left over chicken thighs, mixed a whole bunch of spices together, some coconut milk, onions and zuchinni and it came out great.

    Please let me know if you have any recipes.

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    Here is a picture of a Tangine

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      I've made them before, it's a really good dish! I usually just take a recipe from the FoodNetwork website. You'd just omit flour or replace it with some other thickener, e.g. tapioca starch. Chicken + apricots + almonds and beef + prunes make good combos for the base.


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        I usually just take a recipe from the FoodNetwork website


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          Lamb tagine!!!! Oh, is it good. I haven't used the actual tagine, though. I make it in my dutch oven. It is a bit sweet due to dried apricots, but you can scale back to your liking.

          1.5lbs lamb (I use the bone in steaks and toss the bone in) cut in cubes
          1/2 t salt
          2c chopped onions
          1 t cinnamon
          1.5 t cumin
          1t ground red pepper (I use flakes)
          8 cloves garlic, crushed
          2T honey (or less)
          1.5T tomato paste
          1/2 c dried apricots, quartered
          16oz beef broth

          Season lamb with salt. Brown in dutch oven (use some kind of oil or ghee). Remove and set aside. Brown onions in same pan. Add cumin, cinnamon, red pepper, garlic and saute 1 minute until fragrant. Add tomato paste and honey. Stir constantly for a minute. Add broth, apricots and lamb back to pan. Bring to boil, cover and reduce heat to simmer. Cook one hour. I cover only partially because I like the sauce to get reduced and thick. SOOOOO good.

          I don't know how this translates to the tagine, but the taste is so good. No thickener needed if you allow sauce to reduce.
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            Lamb tagine with saffron and preserved lemon recipe

            To die for. The preserved lemon really makes it.

            NB in Australia, pumpkin includes many of the squashes, including butternut, which we always buy fresh rather than canned. You could used canned without problem. Have also made it with kumara (orange sweet potato?)
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              Moroccan Food - Moroccan Recipes, Moroccan Cooking, Moroccan Cuisine

              Search for "tagine" at the top and you will be rewarded with more Moroccan yumminess than you could know what to do with. Some of my favorites are Tagine Makfoul, tagine of lamb (or beef) with prunes as mentioned above, and the meatball tagine (kefta) tagine with eggs - a staple in my house, for sure!


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                Oh and if you have the patience to preserve lemons, you MUST try the chicken with preserved lemons and olives. YUM!


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                  And lemon is a best preservative for Chicken. Search my Chicken recipe with lemon here. You will surely like it.


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                    Lamb shanks! You can stand them up with the lid holding them in place.
                    Make a spicy tomato sauce with it. It's not Moroccan, but use their "cooker" to do lamb shanks the best ever.

                    If you "do a tagine", as in make a North African meal the North African way, make it pretty.

                    Meat or fish in the middle, veggies around the edge:

                    Prior to paleo, so excuse the cous cous. Now, I serve with cauliflower cous cous - steam cauli florets and simply crush with a knife:


                    "... needs more fish!"