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Carbquik, Carbalose? (Almost) no carb flour?

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  • Carbquik, Carbalose? (Almost) no carb flour?

    Anyone have any experience with this product? Another thing I picked up from that back channel discussion mentioned in the starch blocker posting. I know that this is wheat, but I have far fewer concerns about being a grain than the attendant carbs, especially if I don't use it often.

    The consensus of users seems to be, "It works great!" Some nuancing due to it's different texture and makeup, but very usable. Warning, it does have a tiny bit of transfat, the maker fesses up to it readily. It just shows as zero in the nutrition label due to the rounding down legality.

    A bit of light duty research:


    It seems to be available only at, a search didn't show any other seller.

    But also on their site is a Bob's Low Carb Flour: So, maybe a local Whole Foods has it, too. The WF website search is worthless once again. It does have 6 net carbs per only 1/4 cup. Still, a lot better than the 20 net carbs of my Jiffy Mix, but not as good as the 2 grams net of Carbquik (Which uses 1/3 cup instead of Bob's 1/4 cup.)

    What say you?

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    Hi there! I have been following a low carb eating plan for over a year, and tried the Carbquik but didn't like the "twang." Check out this link for some helpful info--I posted there also. Good luck!


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      ls, what is that "twang?" I noticed in that post someone described it as a bitterness. So why would bitterness be reduced by taking out the shortening?


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        i use this mix instead- for pancakes and cakes (if have to go for a party or something i always volunteer to bring the cake out of selfish reasons)

        1 part whey proteinpowder

        1 part coconut flower

        0,5 parts ground flaxseed

        tsp bakingpowder


        1 egg

        melted butter

        if more density is needed add nut flours.

        challenge yourself
        i blog here


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          I have used the Bob's before - before I got glutenized LOL - it is OK - does it have soy in it ?? I think some of them do, cannot remember ....

          Eva, that sounds good !!!

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