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Livermush--cornmeal substitute (or should I ferment it?)

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  • Livermush--cornmeal substitute (or should I ferment it?)

    I absolutely love NC livermush (or liver pudding), it's a brick made from pork liver/meat/fat, cornmeal, and spices. Sounds gross, tastes awesome fried up crispy in some bacon grease. We've moved away from NC and I can't find it anywhere (and even when I can get it from home, some brands have wheat flour in them). The farm that we get our pastured pork from has offcuts sometimes and I'd love to try making it myself.

    How bad is cornmeal? I know that masa is nixtamalized, but is corn meal? I don't seem to have any issues with properly treated corn, but would fermenting it be even better? Would it still retain it's texture? Obviously I would only use non-GMO corn. I just don't see almond flour having the right consistency or taste.