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Enchilladas Suizas (again)

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  • Enchilladas Suizas (again)

    Dairy-fest, but it's all good ... ish ...

    Cream cheese, cheddar, buttermilk ... reasonably good dairy.

    Trying something new with Chilli Con Carne since neither of us really wanted to eat much on Friday night:

    ... leaving me a heap of Chilli Con Carne to make into tonight's dinner - Enchilladas Suizas:

    The tortilla were made from cream cheese and eggs, the cheese sauce from a roux of butter and manioc flour, buttermilk and cheddar. Touch of mustard, too. English, naturally. Salsa of tomato, cucumber, spring onions and olives, some coriander, good grind of black pepper and some sea salt. Glass of Merlot. What a dinner!

    Back up ... recipe. No, method.

    Using 1oz of cream cheese with 1 egg to make two pancakes, simply whisk the two together and pour into a 6" skillet to make pancakes. Done.

    Using cold Chilli from the fridge, make the enchilladas and lay them into an ovenproof dish.

    Make up a cheese sauce, starting with a roux of butter and manioc flour (careful! you need about half the amount of manioc compared to wheat flour), let it out with buttermilk until a thick sauce is present, then cheese it up with cheddar ... once melted, pep it up with mustard.

    Pour over the enchilladas, dress with chilli, pop it in the oven at 180C for about 30 minutes to warm through and colour.

    Plate up, pour over a salsa of some kind and enjoy!

    "... needs more fish!"