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  • Yay Elk!

    So the dad of one of the kids I coach brought me about 25 pounds of the elk he shot. I have a bunch of elk burger meat, some elk Italian sausage, some elk brats, and some big steaks. I was pretty excited--I love elk. I guess I'm just gloating here, but if you have any good recipe ideas I guess I'll take them. :-)

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    I have only had Elk once in the form of a burger at a restaurant. It was very good but a bit lean and dry. It needed butter or some fat added. But I can't complain. You can not get much fresher than the Elk I ate. They are raised on site and I got to pet and feed my burgers cousin Enjoy your free elk meat.


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      Wild elk is tastier than farmed elk in my experience. And yeah, if I'm making burgers with it I always add in an egg or two. Elk steak, medium rare, is amazing.


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        Wild elk is tastier than farmed elk in my experience
        we dont get elk here but we have the same phenomenum with farmed vs wild venison and then there is also some flavour nuances between the species of wild deer. i struggle to tire of medium rare venison steak so i often dont really need any other recipes. but on the non steak cuts, i google and try something new. i quite like this site
        Wild Game Recipes - Recipes for Wild Game | Hunter Angler Gardener Cook i adapt the recipes to what we have and can get. i did make a really yummy red thai curry with the last lot of venison offcuts which was really good. i used a beef recipe for that but made it less strong in the curry dept so the venison flavours came thru. the other thing we did once was marinated the venison in herbs and honey etc and then smoked it which was good. you could possible do jerky too.


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          Pretty much any beef recipe can be applied to elk. Last year's hunt put 200lb of elk in our freezer, about half of that was hamburger. We usually mix elk and beef hamburger because the elk is so lean. We like the steaks seasoned, pan fried in butter, oven finished to about medium, and the pan deglazed with more butter.

          I doubt there will be elk this year. I have my fingers crossed for bear.
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            You lucked out fersure. We used to have friends who hunted and fished and they'd give us salmon and elk. It was like Santa Claus with meat instead of toys!

            The burger works great with a fattier ground beef or ground pork for burgers or beanless chili. I also used to like to stir fry small slices with tons of different veggies. I like how elk stands up to lots of seasoning.
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              I love elk. I love just about any game meat, actually. My family thinks I'm crazy.
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