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A tale of two chickens

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  • A tale of two chickens

    I've attempted to make bone in chicken pieces twice now. Drumsticks and thighs. Both times have been undercooked. First I attempted to cook them on a flat top grill, ten minutes on each side. No dice. Then I tried to bake them, 45 minutes at 350. Still not. How do y'all cook bone in chicken? Any tips? The pink haunts me

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    One of our favorites and I've never had trouble with it being undercooked.
    Roasted Chicken Drumsticks with Garlic and Sweet Potato - Christine's Recipes: Easy Chinese Recipes


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      Dark meat chicken can handle a bit more cooking than white. Try and bump your temp to 375 and cook for an hour. Should be fine. Look for the meat to start pulling away from the bone at the skinny end to indicate well-doneness on your drumsticks. The thighs may be able to take even more cooking. Best of luck.


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        I second the looking for the meat to shrivel from the bone in drumsticks. I also am less likely to have issues with underdone thighs from a skillet if I cover the skillet while the meat cooks through, then (add more butter or coconut oil) uncover to crisp up the skin. Don't take anyone's advice on timing - it's all going to depend on how thick the meat is, how big the bones are in ratio to the meat, how well your pan holds heat, and how hot your heating element really is.

        It's hard to overcook bone-in dark meat. If all else fails, get yourself a meat thermometer so you don't have to worry about judging pinkness.