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Sugar in coffee???

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  • Sugar in coffee???

    I just can't drink black coffee. I hate it. I don't drink coffee every day, I usually have one as a desert about 2x/week. Should I add Splenda or just a teaspoon of real sugar instead? I've been pretty reasonable with my carb intake and I'm 100% grain and gluten free so SOMEONE ENABLE ME!!!! LOL

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    have at it

    plenty of people here drink coffee with sugar and if it fits into your dietary plans then drink up
    yeah you are

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      I use honey, give it a whirl.
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        Honestly... I sometimes put torani's sugar free syrups in my crio bru. I don't see why you can't add a little sweetness to your own.

        Be sure to try bulletproof coffee in the future though
        » Recipe: How to Make Your Coffee Bulletproof…And Your Morning Too The Bulletproof Executive
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          I have been using Xagave. I find that it gives me the sweetness without spiking my blood sugar, and I really don't like to use Splenda or Stevia, they have too much of an aftertaste.


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            I learned to stay away from agave. The fructose content is higher then HFCS. Agave Fructose And The Liver | LIVESTRONG.COM. If you haven't heard of Dr Richard Johnson's newly released book, The Fat Switch, you will. It fits very well with a paleo approach to nutrition. What they believe they've discovered is that fructose flips an enzyme and hormonal switch that increases uric acid in the cell oxidizing mitochondria and causing it to produce less ATP. At the same time cell become insulin resistant and brain leptin resistant. The whole purpose of this was to signal to our ancestors' bodies to put on fat for the winter months. Now that we eat fructose year round this fat switch is flipped on all the time leading to the obesity epidemic.

            If you are only using fructose in the form of sugar in coffee twice per week that's not enough to matter.
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