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grass fed inside roast left over

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  • grass fed inside roast left over

    Hey guys,

    I made this on sunday. I'm not sure if this is still ok to eat today. I had it yesterday in a salad but I don't know how else to eat it. I definitely don't want to waste the meat but I still have 3 servings left.

    meal combo ideas?

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    breakfast, lunch, dinner?

    roast asparagus

    fried sweets

    you know i can eat the same cut of meet untillllllll
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      Portion and freeze leftovers from now on so you don't have to eat the same thing every day.
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        It's probably still fine. I think meat typically stays good for at least 5 days in my fridge. The nose knows. If it truly smells off, chuck it out.

        If you're tired of eating it straight, how about hash?
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        tl;dr: chop up onion/garlic and saute, chop up roast and root veggies and add to skillet. Add desired spices. Let it get good and brown on the bottom. Stir it a little bit and let it brown some more. Put a few eggs on top and put it all under the broiler until eggs are at desired done-ness (which is still runny; hard-cooked eggs on top of hash is pointless). Eat. Try not to swoon from the epic deliciousness.


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          you're fine for today, but i would make tomorrow the finale.
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            ive eaten 2 week old roast before
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              Originally posted by Sandra in BC View Post
              Portion and freeze leftovers from now on so you don't have to eat the same thing every day.
              Yeah no kidding I should have thought of that. I have no problem eating roast chicken endlessly but I just find beef is not as appealing to eat after the day you cook it. I spent quite a bit of money getting some good quality of meat so I definitely want anything to go to the garbage.


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                it's just wednesday, it's fine in the fridge for a few more days. after today, if you don't freeze it, just reheat it thoroughly if that will make you feel better

                but for real, eat it with anything. root veggies, salad, soup, casserole
                yeah you are

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                  By the way, what is an inside roast?

                  NM, just googled it. Apparently it's what I would call a top round roast.