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What shall I do with a large leek?

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  • What shall I do with a large leek?

    I bought a leek this week, have sliced some of it into a soup, but there's still a LOT left.
    Any ideas what I could do with it?
    Annie Ups the Ante

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    Crock pot with stew meat/bones.
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      You can fry it up and use it like onion in anything. they are sorta sweeter and i think yummier. you could do something like a fritata lorraine instead of a quiche lorraine. i used to make pumpkin soup with them too when i had them in the garden and didnt have to buy the organic ones. if you do dairy, steamed leeks with cheese is pretty yummy too.


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        I agree, stew sounds good. What about frying it like chopped onion?
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          I like to saute mine in butter or avocado oil(i have some lime infused - yum!) and serve this as a pasta substitute or just as a side dish with roast meat.

          Yesturday I made a crockpot chicken leg Thai Green Curry and sliced in some leeks for the last hour.


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            Cook until just tender in a little bone broth (well seasoned), then finish with cream/sour cream and serve as a vegie side dish. I LOVE creamed leeks.
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              Shred, sauté in lots of butter, stir into sweet/potato mash - Colcannon, Champ, Bubble & Squeak, whatever your language calls it.

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                Thanks everyone. I need all your ideas, it's a very large leek

                Today I sliced some more off the end (still on the greens so far, I haven't reached the white stem yet) and sauteed in butter with sunflower seeds. Served with grilled bacon and apple rings, topped with feta, cashews and olives for my lunch. Kind of a warm version of a big as salad. It was delicious and now I am so FULL.
                Annie Ups the Ante


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                  Last night I finished some leftover chicken by sauteeing a small onion, some garlic, portobello mushrooms and a finely chopped leek and the chicken with a couple of tablespoons of stock/bone broth. It was very simple and delicious!