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Bone broth using lamb?

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  • Bone broth using lamb?

    I usually use grass-fed beef bones, but a lady from my farmer's market was selling lamb bones for cheap. Anyone use them for broth before - if so, how did it come out? I cook a lot with my bone broth so hope it will taste ok. Oh! Should I cook it for less time because they are smaller / not as thick?

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    I have! They're really good. Actually, I've only made broth twice, and never from anything BUT lamb. It sometimes is strong tasting/smelling, very umami and meaty. I don't think it really makes a difference. It's gelled fantastically both times. I roasted the bones beforehand, then boiled them for around 8 hours one day getting a dark broth, then 6 hours the next getting a light one. Both had some fat. I added ACV. I don't keep boiling and boiling because we have some neighborhood dogs - I like to give them the bones after I get the premium broths
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      sounds delicious, throw some fresh Provencal herbs in there
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        OMG, you are lucky! I wish I could get cheap lamb here. Lamb broth and lamb based soups are to die for....
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          Lamb bone broth is awesome, and the bones afterward are a tasty treat:-)
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            It's been cooking for about two days now - I need the counter space back for tomato sauce I'll be canning this weekend, so will jar up the broth tonight or in the AM. It smells delicious!