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    I recently took my primal life to the next level by growing my own pastured chickens. Its a hobby when I get home from my real job and is an easy way of growing my own chickens. These chickens are raised in a Salatin style chicken tractor and moved to fresh pasture daily. They are hormone and antibiotic free from the start. Chickens average 4-6 pounds. I am located in CA and can ship birds if anyone is interested. PM me or email me at if you are interested and maybe we can work out a deal. Thanks guys.

    I can add send pictures to anyone who is interested in our operation. Grok on!

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    what breeds(s)?
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      Very cool. I'd love to do that but I think my evil little hound dog would get to eat them, not me.


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        Cornish X and Red Ranger broilers(in different tractors). I am trying to figure out which breed I will go with for the future. Luckily I can keep my labs away from them. I had to learn that the hard way awhile back with my egg laying chickens. The tractors give them protection from predators and I doubt the dogs could get them but I keep them seperated just in case.


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          For some reason, when I first saw the subject of this thread, I read it as pasteurized chickens.

          I immediately thought, huh, so THAT'S where pasteurized eggs come from...


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            I raise my own Cornish X meat birds and I also have @ 80 layers. If you want "grocery store" type of chicken with plump legs and breasts, stay with the CornishX... the Red Rangers will take longer to finish and their breast meat will not be a thick as the CornishX. The Salatin style tractors work great for meat birds. I use an 6x8 house with attached nest boxes for the layers that house @ 20 birds each. They have free run on a 5 acre pasture.
            When it comes to processing the broilers...a tub style plucker is the way to go! We did out 1st 3 groups of birds plucking them by hand... holy crap that's alot of work! And time consuming too!


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              Pastured chicken..!! I just love it.. Its taste is somewhat different compared to other chickens and its too tasty.
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